welcome to Kid I Am

26 October 2019, Silverdome Launceston



welcome to Kid I Am

26 October 2019, Silverdome Launceston



We’re bringing a whole Silverdome-worth of activities together on the same day! And if you haven’t been to the Silverdome, this is a huge 2500m2 of space (and that’s just inside)!

Kid I Am Event gives kids the opportunity to try a huge range of physically and mentally stimulating activities they didn’t know existed, never thought possible or have never had the chance to try before.

 And Kid I Am is even more than a fun day for kids; we also connect parents with local businesses that focus on kids’ activities that are available in Launceston and surrounds.  

Proudly sponsored by Bellamy’s Organic, Kid I Am event brings the fun to Launceston!


A ticket to Kid I Am Event gets you access for a full day to ALL the activities on offer on the day. The best part about Kid I Am Event is that once kids are in the Silverdome, all the activities are FREE! There’s no reaching into pockets each time your child wants to do something, and parents love that. 


  • 0 - 3 years FREE

  • 4 - 12 years $10

  • Grown ups and over 13’s $5

Tickets are now available from Ticketek or at the door.

Purchasing tickets in advance attracts a Ticketek booking fee, but it does mean you get to skip the queue on the day and come straight in.

We’ve run this event twice in the past. If you’re interested, here are copies of previous Event Guides.


What’s on

Full of fun activities for kids and info for adults

What’s on

Full of fun activities for kids and info for adults


Kid I Am starts at 9am and offers a full day of fun activities divided up into a bunch of different zones with different themes.

Over 65 activities will all be available for kids to try once in the Silverdome - so allow a good couple of hours to get around them all! Closing at 4pm, you’ll have up to 7 hours of fun exploring some amazing activities!


The Event floor will be laid out in various themed zones with activities in each zone. Some will be scheduled, so check out the individual activity to see whether you need to plan around it, but the rest are all available throughout the whole day to simply join in when you feel ready.


In the active zone there will be multiple spaces for activities to be demonstrated and to participate in. There will be netball rings, karate mats, athletics area, softball, cricket and footy designated spaces; sumo suits; an obstacle course and a climbing maze. Kids can try all the activities as much as they like and maybe even find one that suits them!



In this new zone, you can expect to get up close and personal to creatures great and small, connect with wildlife and rescue groups, learn all about animals with presentations and interactive displays.

Meet some amazing animals such as Snakes, Tasmanian Devils, Quolls and Seahorses and hear from the experts who will share some fascinating facts about them and allow you to get to see some of them up close.


An interactive showcase of how kids can get the best start in school and life with a focus on early development.  In the Goodstart brain Zone, you will learn about their play-based learning approach and educational programs which are child-centred to enhance each child's learning, development and well-being.



Under the Sea is the theme of the Craft Zone this year. Enter an underwater world and try your hand at some creating and decorating. This zone will have crafts for toddlers and primary schoolers. Take home the jellyfish lantern you’ve made; add your links to the Octopus on the wall; devise your own Eye Spy jar and make a sensory squeezy sea ball.


There are plenty of great games out there that are totally kid friendly and we fully endorse choosing the right game and limiting screen time.  In the new Game Zone come and try a few kid-friendly games from local developers.  There will be social games for kids to play alongside other kids; active games that require you to move to play; and music games.

Also, meet our special guest, Stephanie Bendixen, aka Hex, game critic and host on Good Game, Spawn Point, on ABC Me and also a published children’s book author. Hex will be in the Game Zone helping kids play, giving some advice, and talking about her favourite games.


Reading books aloud to children stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world. It helps them develop language and listening skills and prepares them to understand the written word. Join a group and listen to our Readers as they read stories aloud to the kids; or borrow a book off the bookshelf and read to your child together. If you like the book, give a gold coin donation to Variety Childrens’ Charity.

While you’re there, take a few minutes to record a story you want to share with your child, or have them record a message for you in the Wayfinder Studio’s recording studio caravan.


It’s time to Paaaaarty! Get your kids glammed up for some fun times, with hair glitter and braids; nails and makeup (nothing too crazy here) and a dress up space to set the scene. Get your family photo taken in the photo booth, and enjoy a quick song on the Kids Karaoke stage.


This is the zone for kids to release their fears and inhibitions about performing.  Have a go at singing in our Kid I Am choir; trying some instruments; or learning some dance moves.  Check out the schedule online as we’ll showcase some of our local performance groups on the Main Stage throughout the day.



STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM is important because it pervades every part of our lives. To succeed in this new information-based and highly technological society in which we live, students need to develop their capabilities in STEM to levels much beyond what was considered acceptable in the past. In this fun hands-on zone, kids can try from several fun activities such as robotics, VR, circuit making, and more!


Our future depends on the sustainable practises we implement today. Kids are more aware of the fragility of our planet than ever; and WANT to learn what they can do to help. Come to the Sustainability zone to learn about upcycling and planting your own flowers; recycling practises; how we make power out of water and more…



At RACT's Safe Zone, fit baby dolls into car seats, do some fingerprinting and spot some hazards for a prize.

Understand the importance of seat belts and correctly fitted car seats; take the pledge with your whole family to not text and drive;  join in some fun road safety activities and meet some friendly Tasmania Police officers.



We’re passionate about ensuring our kids develop healthy habits. We’ll give kids the opportunity to get hands on and excited about food and where it comes from, and how they can make it themselves. Plus provide them with mindfulness exercises such as yoga and recordings to listen to.

In the Wellbeing Zone you’ll also find one of our Special Guests, School Lunchbox Dad, George Georgevski. George will hold a demonstration class to help parents work out the best school lunch options, and an activity for kids to help them make healthy eating choices. Check out his instagram and you’ll find yourself inspired!


The little ones are not left out at Kid I Am! Playgroup Tasmania will be providing a fun, engaging, creative and safe space with activities catering for families with children birth - 5 years.

But wait…there’s more!

Also on the venue floor:

  • Launceston Church Grammar School will have a huge space showcasing some of the amazing interactive activities they offer at the junior school.

  • Spend some time in the inflatable planetarium enjoying the show about the stars and planets.

  • Scotch Oakburn College will have a huge space showcasing some of amazing interactive activities they offer at the Junior school.

In the Foyer:

  • We’ve got LEGO and DUPLO activities to participate in, sponsored by MCDONALDS.

  • You can help race the cars down the F1 for schools race track


  • Try a Zippi bike and have a little ride around the carpark

  • Visit the SES truck and say hi to our invaluable volunteers that look after us in emergencies

  • Bike riders might like to give the BMX track a go and take part in a mini race.

Special Guests

Stephanie Bendixsen.jpg

Stephanie (Hex) Bendixsen

TV presenter and Author

Stephanie 'Hex' Bendixsen is an Australian television presenter, partnered Twitch broadcaster and author. She is currently in production on a new program for National Geographic.
Bendixsen began her career in games media hosting and reviewing games for ABCTV's Good Game - and has since gone on to present and produce for Seven Network’s video game culture and esports show, screenPLAY. Stephanie is a regular speaker at events surrounding tech, video games and women in the online space. She regularly live streams on Twitch, and has also written a series of books for children: Pixel Raiders - published by Scholastic Australia.

Where to find her? Game Zone and Story Zone

George Georgievski2.jpg

George Georgievski

School lunchbox Dad

George is a regular guy that wants nothing but the best for his family. He created School Lunchbox Dad after looking for healthy options for his girls lunchboxes and after finding none, decided to create his own! George is not only an Instagram star, he’s been named Ambassador for Jamie Oliver LYFV in Australia. George is coming to Launceston to share some fun tips for parents, and some healthy eating choices for kids at Kid I Am.

Where to find him? Wellbeing Zone

Tip: Bring your copy of Lunchbox Express for him to sign.


countdown to the event

countdown to the event


Floor plan

Floor plan

The whole Silverdome floor will be covered in activities of all kinds. Around the edges of the track will be businesses sharing their information about kids activities and products. A floor plan will be available just before the event.



Are You Excited?

Are You Excited?