What are the opening hours?

Doors open at 9am and last entry will be at 3.30pm. The venue must be empty by 4pm.

Where can I buy tickets?

You can buy tickets on the day from the Silverdome ticketbooth with cash or card. Remember kids under 12 are FREE and over 13 years are only $5.  

What is there to do on the day?

With over 70 activity providers at the event, there is SO much to do! They're arranged into 12 zones according to what they offer, so take the time to check it all out. 

Can I buy food there?


The Silverdome run a kiosk selling small hotdogs, pies, sandwiches, chips and treats. There will also be a Sliders cafe selling great mini burgers. Plus Woolworths will again be giving away some amazing fresh fruit and yoghurt, so you'll definitely be able to find something there for you and your kids.

What about drinks?

There will be FREE water refills from the Tankworld water tank.  Plus you can purchase juices and soft drinks from the kiosk and hot drinks and coffees from both coffee vans on site. 

How will you manage lost kids/parents?

When you arrive at the Silverdome you'll be given a wrist tag for all kids under 12.  It will need to have the kids name and your phone number written on it.  This will enable us to reconnect you if you get separated.  If you do, please go to the Information Desk in the centre of the floor and ask for help there. A great idea is to take a photo of your kids before you enter so can have a copy on your phone to show our volunteers, it will help find each other quicker. 

Will the zipline be there again?

Yes! And they'll even have two ladders heading up to the start so we can get people moving faster this year. One run on the zipline, run by Hollybank Trees Adventures, is free for kids 8 - 12 years. 

What's new this year?







So many new things!!  Here's three for starters:

1. City Mission are running a Toy and Book Swap in the Club Zone.  Get your kids to bring some of their old toys they don't want anymore and swap them for new (used) ones!

2. Bellamy's are hosting the Kids in the Kitchen Stage in the Healthy Eating Zone.  They've announced a bunch of kids who've won the right to join a cooking demonstration on stage! Their amazing nutritionist, Susie Burrell, will be back again presenting talks to the audience.

3. A whole new zone this year - we welcome the School Zone. Here you'll find educational facilities that want to help your family choose the right path for your family. Come and find out more!

Is there anything for parents?


Aside from the Chill Out Zone out the front of the Silverdome, where you can catch your breath and take a break? Well yes, we have something new for parents this year - Fantastic Furniture are supplying recliners for weary parents to have a 10 minute break and Zen Therapies Tasmania will be providing hand and head massages.  Grown ups only!

Can I change or feed my baby anywhere?

Absolutely! Check the floor plan, there's a parent care room in the Care Zone with a change table, and seating area.  Plus there will be a microwave to heat what you need.