The Craft Zones will allow kids creativity to flow by providing an opportunity for them to work with their hands and brains to create a take home masterpiece. The craft zone is for businesses that sell craft items or have craft as a major component of what they do. 


NCN (sponsor)

Northern Children’s Network Inc (NCN) is a community focused, not for profit organisation providing child care services throughout Tasmania. NCN operates long day care services, family day care services and after school care services across the State. Our philosophy is quite simply “Helping Create Confident Children”. Our services, our relationships with families, communities and supporting organisations are based on helping create environments, programs and resources that provide children with confidence to meet the future.

At Kid I Am, we'll be offering several different craft activities which will change each hour on the hour. Come and see us in the Craft Zone!

Catholic Care

Family Mental Health Support and Counselling Service assist vulnerable families with children and young people who are at risk of, or affected by, mental illness. We support parents to reduce stress and enable young people to reach their potential. This year we have worked in more than 12 schools in the Launceston region.

Three different activities changing throughout the day: origami swan with deep breathing exercise; Hand high 5; make your own mandalas using Spirographs and pens.

Kid I Am art wall - add your mark to the art wall on our canvases. Take some time out to create a masterpiece on our big Kid I Am canvases and gigantic blackboard.