The care zone is for businesses that offer services that care for children. Be that a day care, family day care, play group or after school service. Or perhaps a nanny or au pair business. We’d like to see opportunities for the littlies in this zone: equipment, toys and games set up for kids to try.  While they’re playing, the parents can chat about the service you offer and get to know each other. This zone will also be a dedicated parent area for relaxed feeding and nappy changing.



Lady Gowrie Tasmania (sponsor)

Lady Gowrie Tasmania is a community based not for profit organisation including the provision of over 30 education and care services state-wide. The organisation is highly valued by families, education and care professionals and the broader community for the delivery of quality and responsive services to children and families.

Visit the Lady Gowrie Tasmania site for a range of open ended, play based experiences for children. The sensory experiences and physical activity opportunities provided will be used as an invitation for children to stimulate ideas, imagine, create and solve problems and, most importantly, have fun!

Fantastic Furniture

Affordable furniture and bedding to create a home you love. We’re one of Australia's largest sofa & bedding manufacturers. We are the Package Deal Kings! Whether you’re moving out for the first time, moving into a new home or simply need to update your furniture, we have something for you.

Come and take a load off on one of the recliners at Kid I Am - grown ups only!! Then check out some of the new kids range furniture.

Zen Therapies Tasmania

Holistic massage & energy therapies specifically tailored for you, to assist in healing your mind, body, spirit & soul.

On the day we will be offering free 15 minute seated massage, reflexology and reiki sessions, plus we will have products available to purchase from Amazing Oils Magnesium, Manuka Biotic and Entwined Designs Tasmania.

Scotch Oakburn College

Scotch Oakburn College is an independent school in Launceston, offering exceptional educational opportunities for boys and girls from Early Learning to Year 12 and boarding from Year 6 onwards. Scotch Oakburn offers a dynamic and extensive range of learning opportunities, both in the classroom and beyond with quality programs in sport, education outdoors, music, drama, debating, public speaking and many more.

The focus of the Scotch Oakburn College Care Zone is on exploration through investigation and play. Visitors will be encouraged to use their senses and thinking skills to creatively engage with a range of natural materials.

Pilgrim Child Care Centre

Uniting Pilgrim Child Care provides sessional occasional care with flexibility. Pilgrim offers five sessions of care on a daily basis, families can have a permanent booking or a casual placement.

We will be helping kids make a Christmas craft. This learning experience will provoke your child's imagination to explore natural materials while creating Christmas decorations.

Glenhaven Family Care

Glenhaven Family Care is a community service organisation committed to caring for, strengthening, enriching and equipping families. We provide services to the North and North West regions of Tasmania and work in partnership with Government, Families, Foster Carers and other Community Partners to deliver a diverse range of early intervention support services. Our goal is to be inclusive of all families and support them to build stronger, healthier and more resilient relationships.

Temcare Ted and our team will be present handing out balloons, and activity sheets for children. Parents can access information about how they can become foster carers with our agency and the services Glenhaven provides to our community.

Playgroup Tasmania

As the peak body for playgroups in Tasmania, Playgroup Tasmania has been connecting families, strengthening communities, and enabling children to learn through play for over 40 years. We support a network of accessible playgroups, which are places where children are nurtured, parents are supported, and communities are created and sustained.

Playgroup Tasmania is where you come to PLAY! Play with loose parts in our nature zone, build a construction out of loose parts play, create a koinobori carp streamer fish in our craft area and then relax with a story in our reading nook.

Pedder Patter Child Care Centres

Pedder Child Care Centres Inc is a Community based organisation which has providing education & care for over 25 years. Pedder Patter provide a 50 place Long Day care service for children aged 0 - 6 years, 2 OSHC programs (West Launceston and Youngtown Primary) catering for children aged 5 - 12 and a pre-school program at West Launceston catering for children aged 3.5 - 5.

Visit the Pedder Patter site for a Dramatic Play area themed around " The Australian Bush".


As the largest membership based organisation for Tasmania, RACT is committed to educating the Tasmanian community on road safety topics.

Visit the RACT site and see all things road safety! There will be activities for the kids of all ages to help them learn valuable skills on how to be road safe, and quality information and advice for the adults with a big focus on Child Restraint safety.

Launceston Church Grammar School

At Launceston Church Grammar School we have a delightful Early Learning Centre that caters for the specific needs of three and four year old children. Our programme is child-centred with a particular emphasis on developing a love for learning and a natural curiosity in the surrounding world. Underpinning our programmes is a strong wellbeing and Positive Education focus that ensures that every child is carefully nurtured and encouraged to reach their potential.

Come and find out about the range of opportunities available to you and your child to become a part of the Launceston Grammar community. Please join our nurturing teaching staff and experience first-hand the ‘the joy of learning’ throughout the day.

Glen Dhu Children's Services

Early Learning Service catering for children 0-5. Rated Exceeding Education and Care Standards. Our Early Childhood Teachers and Educators offer high quality natural play-based environments. New Pre-School Program commencing 2018 – our programs are influenced by many Early Childhood Theorists: Reggio Emilia Education Philosophy, Nature Based Pedagogies, Australian Early Years Learning Framework.

Come & visit our stall and meet our Educators, let your children explore and investigate the "Loose Parts Experiences" and let their creativity inspire their play. We have also created a "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" display & Play Area to promote the importance of children’s roles in caring for our environment and how they can contribute to the world through a lens of sustainability.

Books and Gifts Direct

Books and gifts direct is a retailer of books and gifts that takes shopping right to your workplace for your convenience. we offer a wide range of kids popular books, recipe books, homewares, toys and gift lines at up to 70% less than retail price all delivered free. We also offer kinders, schools and childcare centres the opportunity to purchase wholesale bookpacks from a specially prepared brochure.

At Kid I Am I will be showcasing the wide range of childrens items Books and Gifts Direct have to offer, these will all be able to be purchased on the day. Come along and browse while the kids are off enjoying themselves at the many activities, do some Xmas shopping. add to that emergency gift cupboard. We will have eftpos for your convenience.


Spot4kidz car magnets are a teaching aid for adults to encourage a child to stay near their car. The magnets can be stuck anywhere on the car, and are a fun and easy way to encourage the children to stay close by.

Come and make your own cardboard hand cutouts with magnets attached. Kids can paint and decorate the hands themselves and take them home.


ENJO microfibre cleaning products are designed to clean even the messiest of messes with just water. Eliminates the need for household chemicals. These amazing products are so easy to use that even the kids can clean. Also, Sante by ENJO skincare range designed to improve skin conditions such as eczema.

Educating parents about the importance of eliminating harmful household chemicals and how ENJO can give a deeper clean with less work. Cleaning for the 21st century. I will be selling products, taking orders and booking free in home demonstrations. Book a demonstration and be rewarded with free products.

Parent Care Room

A private, quiet area for feeding, resting and nappy changing.