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We’re bringing a whole Silverdome-worth of activities together on the same day! This gives kids the opportunity to try a huge range of physically and mentally stimulating activities they didn’t know existed, never thought possible or have never had the chance to try before.

 And Kid I Am is even more than a fun day for kids; we also connect parents with local businesses that focus on kids’ activities that are available in Launceston and surrounds.  

Kids activities include:

  • Sporting activities in the Active Zone

  • STEM focussed activities

  • Performances on the stage

  • Virtual Reality

  • Animal nursery

  • Craft activities

  • Reading area and author book signings

  • Lego master challenges

  • Beauty salon

  • Family photography

  • Kids’ karaoke and so much more!

An attractive part of Kid I Am is that once kids are in the Silverdome, all the activities are FREE! There’s no reaching into pockets each time your child wants to do something, and parents love that. 

We’ve run this event twice in the past. If you’re interested, here are copies of the Event Guide.

2016 Event Guide

2017 Event Guide